Resources and Tools

I get tons of questions asking where and what I purchase in order to keep my homestead, farm, and blog running as smooth as possible! Well, I’m putting it out there for ya! Everything listed below are things we actually use, love, recommend, or have on our wish-list.

Please know: The links below are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may get a commission if you make a purchase. This commission keeps the blog and homestead running. Thanks for your support! Now on to our homestead resources!

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of my favorite places to be! Below you will find things I use, or need want, that make my homestead kitchen my happy place.

Pressure Canner

We can’t live without it! Garden + pressure canner = p-a-r-t-y! These are used for low-acid foods. We currently own this one, but one day when a $209.99 check shows up in the mailbox, for fun, we will get this mac-daddy!

a granite ware enamel bath canner with lid 21.5 quart

Water Bath Canner

water bath canner is used for high-acid foods like my blackberry jam with no pectin or sugar.

a 5 tray food dehydrator by Ronco


We have this dehydrator, but one day we will get this cream-of-the-crop dehydrator– it’s really the way to go, baby!

fatworks premium pasture raised lard in glass jar 14oz.

Healthy Fats

We are lovers of butter, lard, tallow, olive oil, and coconut oil in the kitchen. We use these to bake, cook, and fry. Scrumptious! We actually like to render our own lard and tallow, but if this isn’t an option for you you can always buy it.

Cuisinart 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer, White


Oh, baby! I don’t know why I waited 33 years to get one of these bad boys. It is one of my kitchen favs!

Lodge Lodge Cast Iron Loaf Pan, 5" x 10.25",Black


This is a must-have item in my kitchen. I used to use those not-good-for-you non-stick pans, but after becoming a homesteader I realized how toxic they were and how easy cast-iron is! We currently use two of these awesome cast-iron loaf pans and this ridiculously awesome 12-inch skillet. On our wish-list is this really cool square griddle pan.

Ninja 16oz Personal Blender, 48oz Countertop Blender, and 40oz Food Processor with 550-Watt Base


We currently use this model, wear it down, and it still works great! This model is the bad boy that’s been on my wish-list for like 47,000 years. One day Jen. One day…

Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick 200 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender, Brushed Chrome

Immersion Blender

This thing is the bomb-diggity. We actually use it way more than we ever thought we would. My awesome friend from high school, Cork, sent me a red one because she had an extra. And for that I owe her my life. 😉 This thing is seriously that amazing.

Ball Wide Mouth Half Gallon 64 Oz Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 6

Mason Jars

They are an absolute must. We use these half-gallon ones, quart ones, and pint ones the most! Wide-mouth are all that we own. We use these to store dry food in and to can recipes like these!

Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker with Easy Carry Handle

Ice Cream Maker

Does this even need an explanation?! We use this one. It works great and it’s pretty. Winning!

The Spice Lab Himalayan Salt - Fine 2 Lb Bag - Pink Himalayan Salt

Real Salt

Not even joking. We use Himalayan sea salt. It’s important to use salt that hasn’t been refined and hasn’t had it’s minerals stripped. We used to buy this 2lb bag, but we got real and now purchase the 5lb bag –just change the option to 5lb. Girlfriend loves her some salt.