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How to tell if ducks are laying eggs

There’s nothin’ like the excitement of that first egg….

Unless you’ve been waiting forever- like us. 

All we want is our ducks eggs!! But patience is a virtue, right? I suppose. But sadly,  it isn’t one of mine.

Ducks are awesomely awesome at hiding their eggs. So good, in fact, I just made up a saying for it (awesomely awesome).

I’d be lying if I said we haven’t scoured the yard, woods, and every nook and cranny lookin’ for eggs y’all. This has been a weekly routine for the last few weeks.

Nope. We don’t go on bear hunts ’round these parts- we go on egg hunts– and it’s not even close to Easter. Although it will look like an Easter basket once the girls start laying. We have all different types of ducks so we will have colorful eggs.

That is what farming is about right? Having fresh, nutritious, wholesome  colorful eggs?!?

Every single day I feel like I am a two year old stomping around the farm… I. WANT. MY. DUCK. EGGS… whaaaaa (that’s me crying). Ok. ok. That was a little exaggeration but it is exactly what is in my mind. It’s pretty much in every backyard poultry keepers mind if they aren’t getting eggs…

Instead of stomping around and throwing tantrums on the farm every day (*ahem*)- we just decided to do a simple test to find out if any of the girls were laying/ready to lay.

How To Tell If Ducks Are Laying

You are going to measure the space between the pelvic bones of your duck. In order to do this you will need to pick up your duck and turn her upside down. You will be able to feel the pelvic bones.

A Non-Laying Duck:

  • Will only be able to fit 2 (possibly 3) fingers in between their pelvic bones
  • Their pelvic bones will be pretty “stiff”
  • Pelvic bones are more like the shape of a ‘V’

A Laying Duck:

  • Will be able to fit 4 or more  fingers in between their pelvic bones
  • Pelvic bones will be somewhat “flexible” (this is what allows them to pass an egg)
  • Pelvic bones are more like the shape of a ‘U’

P.S. Just because their bodies are ready (4 fingers) doesn’t mean that they are definitely laying. There are other factors: stress, weather (is it too cold?), moulting, sunlight, etc. Sometimes a duck’s body is ready, but if they were hatched in the Spring they may wait until the next Spring to start laying.

P.S.S. Naturally, bigger breeds will have more space between their pelvic bones, so it is best to try to compare birds of the same breed (or at least size).

P.S.S.S. Naturally, everyone has different size hands. My hands are pretty small. Rule of thumb- the more fingers you can fit between their pelvic bones= higher chance of laying!

P.S.S.S.S. We have some ducks that are possibly laying!!! Now we just need to find their nest since they free range all day (or maybe they will wait until Spring)- but the point is WE HAVE SOME WHO’S BODY’S ARE READY! Whoop whoop.

Happy checking your ducks to see if they are laying!

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